How to Find Good Wholesale Virgin Human Hair Supplier

How to Find Good Wholesale Virgin Human Hair Supplier?

Here are some tips from Loks Hair for your reference:

1. Where are the hair suppliers?

(1) From Internet: Go to Alibaba, Aliexpress, Google. Search Wholesale Human Hair Factory From China. You can save a lot of time and money, and also get all information about the hair suppliers from the those platform. Then try samples from them first before big orders.

(2) Go visit the local Human hair factory yourself: China is the biggest hair products manufacturing base in the world, there are many human hair manufacturer based in City Like xuchang, qingdao, juancheng.  but before you come, you Still need to search the hair factory on the internet then decide which one you wanna visit, where and when is the best time you should come, this take a lot time and because you need to do the research, then also need to book tickets, hotel etc, that's cost a lot of money too, Best part is you can see the factory your with own eyes, test the product with your own hand. Have clue that what hair material ther use for your product and know the entire production progress.  Finallif this is the hair vendor that you are looking for, are their products good enough to help your business. 


2. Which vendor is suitable for me?

Not the biggest and the cheapest are the best. No one can do no profit business all over the world. So if you need buy a very low price for hair, then you need to have preparation that the hair is not good quality, even rubbish. And if too high price, then you and your customers will not accept the price. So the most suitable to us is the best. Then how to find which is the most suitable for us.

(1) If you are new in hair business, then you need to find more kinds for sales and test the market at your place to find which is the most suitable for your customers. So you need to try some cheap ones, and some high quality with higher price.

(2) If you are a hairstylist, then a high quality virgin hair will be most suitable for you, because most of your customers may need to be dyed color, or make hair styles when they buy hair from you, if a lower quality, it may cause problems during you install the hair for your customers. Then it will affect your business, and you will not get money or even lose your customers.

(3) If you need to change your vendor, then you need to find one who sell the same kind or similar kinds as what you are selling now. And also you need to match price also. It is better for you to find a more professional hair factory who mainly selling the kind you need. And have good feedback from their customers. And it is better it is a hair factory , because the price you get will be better than your get from a trading hair company.

3. What qualification should the company have if you need to cooperate?

(1) The company should be a factory will be better, because a factory will be more potential than a trading company. Without middle man you can get hair at lower price and factory have bigger stock, drop shipping no minimum order for you. as well as have a better quality assurance program.

(2) The company should have good security and return policy on the product.

(3) The company should have some official and legal certificate.

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